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    To be or not to be, oh so infamous an expression but where does the meaning lie? Yet, the very question and format of the sentence belays the essence of art…to bring meaning to life. Emotions are what keep us alive, what inspire us, what motivate us to live and let live, and to endure the strongest experience of all…love. Acting is not only a form of expression, it is not only the eliciting of behavior, but it is a fulfillment of our natural curiosity, each other, humanity.

    I want to study acting, not only because it makes me feel alive, it gives me practical insight into human nature. It feeds into my curiosity of the essence of connection, human interaction, and camaraderie. Furthermore, only through common vulnerability does organic camaraderie arise, part of the reason cast members become so close to one another. In today’s conventional schools systems, they push the STEM programs, being Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Yet, as the acronym implies, it is a stem, a skeleton, and a well-organized set of bones but what do these bones support? The arts bring context to humanities’ drive for achievement; the arts are the meat on the bones. Only when emotions are elicited does true inspiration arise, do we truly remember what we experience, do we truly learn…in all facets of life.

    To become a trained master in the art of expression, of innate response, of keen listening, of natural awareness of intercellular rhythm, with the analogy that just as cells come together to make tissue, and tissue come together to make organs, etc. human beings can be magnified to the extent of cells that have natural affinity to those that serve the same function. Acting heightens our awareness of human interpersonal affinity, chemistry, and rhythm. These skills are priceless, and where better to learn them than through the safe and trustworthy environment of a professional acting conservatory? Acting makes me feel alive, and the skills I gain from the training I receive as an actor can transfer to applications in life that go well beyond the stage and in-front of the camera. It is a craft that only few choose to dive into holistically, but those who do have the advantage of patience, acceptance, and understanding of humanity in the raw. This I could never pass up even if I were given a billion dollars to sit in the highest tower atop a Wall Street thriving conglomerate. As there is no greater reward in life than the true experience of another human being.

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