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    The Socratic Method

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    I was sitting in my Cognitive Learning Class today (2/2/11) and my lecture notes turned into these notes half way through, just thought I’d share:

    Side note:
    Everyone is waiting for someone to give the answer and then writing them down so they can study for the test…the info won’t be retained, it’ll be studied, not applied.
    Potential Solution: have open discussions, where no notes are allowed, without the pressure or concern of having to take the exam or any kind of testing. The people are in the course because they want to be there, so the information is of genuine interest so the contributions are emotionally driven…therefore committed to memory.

    Raising interest in other topics: Every student has a dynamic; for example, one may like baseball and biking whereas the other may like baseball and rock climbing. The biker may not have been introduced or compelled to try climbing, but because his personality resonates with that of the biker they may be compelled to try the activity together. This concept can transfer to other domains within a course structure and having students do core studies that they are often required to do. To answer the notorious question: Why do we have to learn this or when will we ever use this? You find someone who genuinely uses and applies it (besides the teacher; that’s like a child not listening to a parent vs. retaining the same advice from a friend or “favorite uncle”) and you expose them to the students experiencing the notorious question. Suddenly the topic is interesting and genuine motivation for diversity sets in.

    Study Direction: A pool of people with one common interest must have a second major interest that no other person in the pool has and let the Socratic discussions begin! Test: have a caveat where the students must at some point in the discussion express the other hobby or interest that they have within the context of the main topic.

    Proactive vs reactive…being able to internalize information and see multiple applications versus honing in on one application respectively. Always compare the arts’ reactivity to practical proactivity!

    As I’m sitting in class, I get bored with the material and go off in my own world based on a seed that was given to me in class…pro: If I weren’t in class I would not have been funneled into a creative mentality that allows me to go off on my creative tangent while in class. The con: I am in class and missing the material that is to be applied to class exams-hence I fail the test and have to chase the professor to give me an incomplete so I can sleep ten hours a week to make up all the work! = Practical problem based on social condition/ or diamond in the rough if the creative circumstance is extracted and used properly!

    Random Thoughts:

    • ADHD Physical needs for heightened attention: origami and drawing?
    • Make class like going to the theatre, you expect to be entertained so you get drawn into the experience without waiting for the thrilling moment.
    • Math = step functions (get or don’t get it at various points in time, feels like you’re making no progress but all of a sudden you get it (practice)
    • Organic Chemistry: maybe a combination but essentially needs linear mastery learning
    • Practice in a domain can be hindered by fear so one should be trained to fight the fear or laziness or both (i.e.: public speaking
    • Understand human emotions in order to understand human functionality-how? Meisner and Cognition = holistic cognitive embodiment
    • Learning to trust yourself and what you know, and having the confidence to push forward regardless of the hurdles in front of you
    • Finding a rhythm
    • Classes and life need lanes on the roads but no train tracks or training wheels necessary
    • The training wheels are used during exposure to the “tools of education”.
    • Knowledge should be retained fluidly, dynamically, rhythmically not compartmentalized…let the body function as a whole.


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